This is it!!! Yesterday was DAY 60 of this 60 day challenge to become a Unity. Game. Developer.

Did I succeed? Well, lets take a look at what I’ve created the last 60 days and then make a judgement.

Before we do that, let me give you a quick recap of what happened yesterday.

Here’s a shot of our game @!!

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post our game is published! Does that make me a published developer?!😏😁🙌

Yesterday was spent getting ready for a presentation of our game and all of us highlighting one of the features we implemented. It was a great experience to be able to share our game with the entire team, which is now ~60 interns deep! It was also the perfect way to end this 60 day challenge. …

Hi there! Here is a recap of Wednesday and Thursday, Days 58 & 59 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

OMG! This week FLEW by. I can’t believe this is the second to last post in this challenge. Holy moly, its both bitter sweet and surreal to be this close to the end. But something really amazing happened yesterday, we officially published our game!

Take a look at this awesome trailer for our game made by none other than the talented Ryan Yamura! I am seriously so proud of our team!!

GO PLAY IT NOW HERE — →>>>>>>>>>> !!!! …

Hi there! Here is a recap of Tuesday, Day 57 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

This week has been BUSY debugging this game and getting it all polished up for release. Happy to report that MVP is now completed !! So happy :-)

Check it out!

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Little hard to see but we have some pretty stellar post processing now! Thanks Ryan!! Wish I could’ve recorded the “juicy” parts but just like always I’m still pretty bad at my own games so here’s wave 1 lol.

As you can see this is being played live online! We decided to test the WebGL build we’d use github pages. This is a great and free way to host your games and the best part is it’s super easy!

Here’s a walkthrough of how I did this:

Since there was already a repository on github, the first thing I did was grab the webgl that was uploaded by my teammate Dylan. If I were to do this from scratch I would need to build the project! You do this by going to File > Build Settings, then choose your platform. In this case, we are building for the web so it would be WebGL. …

Hi. Today is Day 56 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

We got some news today that the state might not extend funding for our program past the end of this week. All of us interns were devastated. Although my challenge was for 60 days, as an Oahu resident we were under the impression our program was scheduled to run through the end of this month, maybe longer. I am hopeful that the state will recognize the tremendous value this program brings to our lives. If you’ve been following my and/or any of teammates’ journey, than you know how much this program means to all of us and how much we’ve grown thanks to GameDevHQ. It’s more than just building games and learning to code; it’s learning soft skills, it’s the energy, it’s the community, it’s the enthusiasm to be here and put in the work. If the program is cancelled prematurely it would be nothing short of tragic. Only time will tell. …

Hi there! Here is a recap of yesterday, Day 53 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

The whole day yesterday was spent in meetings to make sure our game was working as intended to try and meet our deadline for MVP.

Ready to be impressed?

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I am beyond proud of my team for how AWESOME this game is turning out to be! Those are the big green enemies I made earlier in the week. Big shoutout to my teammate Dylan who is SO creative with the animations he makes!

Everything is really coming together!

Our whole day yesterday was spent debugging and working through things together as a group. As selfish as this is, it was a bit of a relief to know that a lot of us had one thing or another that needed to be adjusted or worked on. This made me realize how hard I’ve been on myself the last day or two over the “buggy” code I pushed. …

As mentioned in my Day 50 post, I am writing this blog a few days late. Again, in case anyone is reading these posts day by day, thanks for your patience and also thanks for reading these!

To be frank, this week flew by and most of the days sort of blended together so it’s a bit hard to remember everything that happened on Day 51. One thing that I’m pretty sure I worked on that day was fixing some bugs with the powerups.

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Through the busy-ness I forgot to take any videos or screenshots on Wednesday like I usually do. So here is a video I took from earlier today that shows how the enemies instantiate a powerup a third of the time when they spawn. Later on as a team we also added in behavior to instantiate them a third of the time upon death.

The powerups system was one of the very first things that I created as it is a part of the weapons system. As a recap, this game works by the player’s weapon getting incrementally better with each powerup that is collected. If the player gets hit their weapons drop down to the base weapon, if the player gets hit twice, he dies. Another valuable lesson that I learned is to remember to go back and playtest the features that I created early on to ensure that they’re working as intended with the new features that others have created. I did not do this and this ended up being one of the things we needed to adjust in that debug session on Thursday night. This is however still my Wednesday post, so I’ll save what those changes were for the end of this blog. …

Here is a recap of Tuesday 12/08/2020, Day 50 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

I am writing this blog a few days late, its been that kind of a week. If anyone is following my journey day by day, thanks for your patience. My feeling on Tuesday was that I’ve got 10. More. Days. Left. and so excited to be getting closer to the end :-).

On Day 50 I was working on a new enemy. Check it out:

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Here were the things that this enemy needed to have:

Hi. Here is a recap of Day 52 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

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This HUD layout was one of the things that broke after I pushed up to our dev branch. Luckily our UI guru, Ryan Yamura was able to make it look pretty again on the fly and it looks even better than this! Another win for teamwork🙌 .

The last few days have been busy. We are just about to finish up mvp for this game. Today was particularly difficult for me. We were supposed to be on our very last day for development so I was rushing to get some things done, thought all was well, pushed my code up to our dev branch, a teammate tried to pull it in and poof, 3 hours later and we were just finally able to get all of the code working without any serious errors or screwy behavior; Some things needed to be redone completely. …

Hi. Here is a recap of yesterday, Day 49 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

Most of the day was spent in team meetings where we merged all of our pieces together, got on the same page regarding what our 2nd sprint will look like, pulled our new baseline from the repo, and did a retrospective for our 1st sprint.

After pulling everyone’s code in, here is what the game looks like:

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Checkout the sweet laser and awesome boss!! Definitely on a talented team. I was testing with some of the weapons I created however aside from the laser, for time sake we will likely use the weapons that came with the project. May try to utilize one of them for the enemy I am creating today! Also, the enemy logic has not been set up yet which is why the boss is not taking damage or recognizing the collisions.

Another thing that we did yesterday was a session on abstract class. Abstract classes are a great way to optimize code by allowing for properties and functions to be inherited from a base class rather than having to write the same code over and over again. This is especially helpful when wanting to create different versions of the same thing. Let’s say for example you wanted to make a human abstract class. All humans eat, breathe, have an age, etc. so these are all properties and functions that you could put in your base abstract class, from there you can create all the different people you want by inheriting from your base human class and changing the properties and functions for each person you create. …

Hello there! Here is a recap of days 47 & 48 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

This weekend I didn’t spend too much time on the project but I was able to create another weapon and started to work on a third. Not sure if any of these will make it to the final game but wanted to at least create a few prototypes so we have some options.

Take a look :-):

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The first thing I changed was switching out the automatic firing system which used raycast for an Input.GetKeyDown so that the player fires using the spacebar. …

Mar McRae

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