60 days to become a game developer. Day 14.

Hi there! So, you may have noticed a slight change to the title of my blog. The end date to our program has been pushed up by a couple of weeks. My challenge has gone from 74 days to become a Unity Game Developer to 60 days! I am still up for the challenge and as determined as ever to keep at it. One thing that I’ll have to been mindful of is that I have been going at a slower pace overall but with this change will really have to kick it up a notch to learn all that I can from this experience. Aside from the core courses that we are required to complete for our certification, there are elective courses as well so I may not be able to get through it all within the 60 days. Another wonderful thing about this program is that all of us interns will still have access to the courses even after we finish our internship, so we still have the opportunity to learn and grow even if we don’t get to everything during our time with GameDevHQ. SO grateful for that 🙏. Even if I don’t end up working in game development, I definitely plan to keep learning and building games for fun :-).

GAME UPDATE: Check out where I’m at today.

I am really getting down to the wire on my first 2D game. Hopefully I will be completely done within the next day or so!

Some things I worked on today:

  • Challenge: When the ‘C’ key ispressed by the Player,Pickups quickly moveto the player. As demonstrated in the GIF above, by pressing the c key down, the player is able to quickly bring the power up to them. I was able to achieve this using the Vector3.MoveTowards() and tagging the powerup sprites with a PowerUp tag.
  • Collaborated with fellow intern, Ryan Yamura to add a zig zag behavior to the green enemy! Was really happy to have the help because this one was definitely a bit harder for me to wrap my head around.

A tag was added to differentiate between the original enemy which will keep its behavior the same and the new zig zag behavior for the green enemy. The magnitude controls the size of the zig zag and the frequency controls how fast the enemy will move from side to side.

  • Created a balanced spawning system for the powerups.

Challenge I faced:

  • Didn’t feel as productive today! Got stuff done but as mentioned really want to pick up the pace in the coming weeks.

Be back tomorrow. See you then.