60 days to become a game developer. Day 15.

Hello! Today is day 15 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

Today was one of the harder days so far. I am in the process of finishing up my last 3–4 challenges and its been a struggle. As the saying goes, one step forward, two steps back. I started features, thought they’d run fine only to find a bug, try to fix the one bug and have a whole host of other issues or strange behavior pop up. I’m ending this day with 4 half finished features and my game riddled with issues that my brain cannot handle trying to solve at the moment. Sometimes its best to just step away and give it a break. That’s basically where I’m at now.

Here’s what the game looks like today:

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Some things I worked on today:

  • Challenge: Wave System- Implement wave sequencing of enemies with more enemies coming each wave.
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  • Created new Boss Enemy prefab. Will work through its behavior tomorrow.
  • Worked on creating a new shield type for enemies as seen above.
  • Worked on creating an aggressive enemy that attacks the player by ramming into in once its in a specified range. This is the feature I was having the most trouble with. I’m trying to implement it using a tag and the Vector3.MoveTowards() but may have to go back to the drawing board with this one. Seems that the issue has something to do with the _strikingDistance and the player’s position. Hoping to figure it out tomorrow.
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Challenge I faced:

  • This whole day was a challenge. Felt a little disappointed to run into so many issues this close to the end but really proud of myself for working through what I have been able to get through and know I have good help if I need it.

Catch you later.

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