60 days to become a game developer. Day 16.

Good evening. Today is day 16 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

To be honest, although today was better than yesterday I still didn’t make the kind of progress I was hoping to make. The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the last couple days is the importance of taking things one step at a time. In this last part of the 2D challenge I’ve made the mistake of starting different things and then stopping to work on other things without play testing or at least commenting out the unfinished code in between….yup.…. pretty much a recipe for disaster. This is how I ended up with all of those random bugs yesterday/today. All of that probably could’ve been avoided had I just taken it one. step. at. a. time. Though this did lose me a solid day or two I truly believe where there is struggle, there is growth and let me assure you, there has definitely been struggle. So, I’m just going to keep on keeping on, and power through to the end of this game. The most important thing is I’m learning a lot and the best part is I’m almost there 💪.

Got a new boss in town. Check him out:

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Still have A LOT of things to work on. Boss is confused and blowing himself up, my enemy shields are instantiating but not working as intended…struggle = growth, struggle = growth (slowly rocks back and forth in fetal position).

Some things I worked on today:

  • Updated the Boss Enemy prefab and worked on some of his behaviors. Right now, he behaves pretty similar to the green enemy I created earlier in the week but I am hoping to change his zig zag movement to a transportation like behavior instead. Also added a camera shake upon damage. There are some bugs that I have to work through tomorrow as it seems that something other than the player is triggering damage to it.
  • Worked on updating the Spawn Manager so that it spawns relative to the # of enemies as well as in waves. Right now, it is still not behaving exactly as expected. The objective is to have it move on to the next wave and up the maximum # of enemies only once the # of current enemies is equal to 0. In the enemy script every time an enemy is destroyed, _enemyCount is decremented by 1. The issue seems to be that the while loop only executes once even if the wave count is less than 5 and all of the enemies have been cleared. This prevents more enemies from instantiating. Thinking its probably something small that I’m overlooking and am hoping to get it all squared away tomorrow.
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  • LOTS of debugging from yesterday’s work.

Challenge I faced:

  • Knowing when to ask for help. I’ve been trying to find the right balance between asking for help so often that it turns into a crutch and impedes my ability to learn and never asking for help which could result in valuable time wasted or missing out on an opportunity to see how someone more experienced would approach the problem. Lately, I’ve been really trying to comb through this stuff on my own, but want to be better at reaching out.

Still have a lot of things that need to be either fixed or cleaned up but again, one step at a time. Ttyt.

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