60 days to become a game developer. Day 17.

Hello. Today is day 17 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

I was going to come on here and talk again about the lack of progress I made this week but the truth is, that’s not helpful. I have made progress. Not as much as I would’ve liked, sure. BUT its going. All the wheel spinning this week made me lose focus a bit. Randomly I decided to watch a video of other game dev newbs and seeing all of the awesome stuff other newbies are building made me realize that I’ve been approaching things with the wrong mindset a lot of this week. This is FUN. Being paid to learn this stuff is a blessing and its a shame to waste even a few minutes being negative or stressing over things too much. I’m building games for crying out loud! So, even though its basically Friday, I’m going to hit the reset button on this week. Whatever progress I make is a win, however small. And I’m going to leave it at that.

Here is my game today:

Some things I worked on today:

  • Remember Boss man I created? As you can see, he no longer zig zags. As you may have guessed he also is not doing what I intended for him to do. The intended behavior is for him to transport to different positions towards the top of the screen. Right now it seems it is doing this every frame which is making it jump around like crazy. I tried to use a coroutine as well as Time.deltaTime but so far nada. Will try and slow him down tomorrow. This should also fix the crazy point system I got going on as it looks like I’m getting points on multiple frames rather than just the one point of contact since its changing positions so quickly.
  • Tried working on the Spawn Manager again. Just to recap the objective is to move on to the next wave only once the # of current enemies is equal to 0. Going to review this with a tech lead tomorrow and see what I’m missing.
  • Lots of debugging and made some changes to the boss’ weapon.

Challenge I faced:

  • Remembering to enjoy the process.

Have lots of things to work on before this game is complete. Excited to work through stuff and get creative tomorrow.

See you then.