60 days to become a game developer. Day 20.

Hi there. Today is day 20 (well, technically 21 at the time of writing this but I fell asleep before posting my blog last night :) )of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

Continued to work on cleaning up some stuff and as mentioned Saturday, I’ve completed most of the requirements needed to have this game qualify for certification. If all goes as planned, I should be able to clean everything up and post my final product sometime today or tomorrow!!!! Can’t believe my first game is almost completed!

Check out where my game is today:

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I created a new aggressive enemy! Somebody asked how I change the color of the sprites to create different color explosions. Here’s a walkthrough of that just in case anyone else doing this course is interested :

  • First thing I did was make a copy of my original enemy prefab and changed the name of it to aggressive enemy. This allows me to build on top of what is already there i.e. animation is already set up, lasers already attached, etc.
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  • I adjusted the size so it was a little smaller. Then I changed the color in the sprite renderer. In order to change the color of the explosion you do have to make sure you set up the animation prior to changing the color. If you want to just change the color of the sprite and keep the explosion to be the same as the original make sure to add it on after.
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  • That is it!
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I also added in new behavior that has the enemy swirl around in circles towards the player. Sometime today, I will add in a feature to have it lunge towards the player at a slightly faster speed to create damage and then destroy itself.

Also, updated the spawn manager to instantiate this enemy 1/3 of the time.

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Some other stuff I worked on:

  • Seemed to fix the delay issue with the # of enemies and when the next wave/ level cleared was displaying. Previously there would still be 1 enemy or so that had not been destroyed before moving on to the next level.
  • Updated boss behavior.

Final Touches today and maybe tomorrow:

  • Fix aggressive enemy behavior.
  • Make some minor changes to lasers, esp. super laser.
  • Make some changes to boss behavior. Love how scary it is, but do want to make the transition into the last level smoother.
  • Need to make the game a little easier somehow. At this point I need about 1000 rounds of ammunition and 1000 lives to make it to the boss.
  • Probably more stuff than I can think of at the moment :-).

Some Challenges I faced:

  • Hard to get in the zone yesterday.

Hopefully today (Day 21) or tomorrow will be my last day of me working on this game! So excited to post my final product!!!!

See you tonight.

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