60 days to become a game developer. Day 21.

Hello! Today is day 21 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

Step by step I’m getting closer to getting this game completed!

Here is my game tonight:

Aggressive enemy now rams into player.

Some things I worked on:

  • Updated aggressive enemy prefab and adjusted behavior. I added a distance variable that checks to see the distance between my aggressive enemy and my player. With this, I was able to accelerate the speed to create a “ramming” behavior based on its distance from the player.
  • Created a new homing missile! First needed to calculate the direction it needed to go in by taking the difference between the target.position and the position of the missile. direct.Normalize() adjusts the length back to 1. The Cross() is used to calculate the angle in which the missile needs o rotate.

Made prefabs for the missile as well as the powerup.

Homing missile ended up looking like a weird alien species 👾.

Adjusted the spawn manager and power up scripts.

Some other stuff I worked on:

  • The issue with the # of enemies and when the next wave/ level cleared was displaying actually isn’t fixed after all. Tried to remove 3 second wait placed by coroutine, but that didn’t resolve the issue. Will try to work through it some more tomorrow.

Final Touches still to be made (tomorrow hopefully!!):

  • When homing missile instantiates in game play right now it has trouble finding the enemy. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with it not looking for enemy instantiations.
  • Make some minor changes to lasers, esp. super laser.
  • Make some changes to boss behavior. Love how scary it is, but do want to make the transition into the last level smoother.
  • Need to make the game a little easier somehow. At this point I need about 1000 rounds of ammunition and 1000 lives to make it to the boss.
  • Probably more stuff than I can think of at the moment :-).

Some Challenges I faced:

  • Trying not to rush through the end.

Almost there.

See ya later.