60 days to become a game developer. Day 22.

Hello. Today is day 22 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

So, I finished my game!!…..well, sort of /not really….. But still, happy happy day! I finished all of the challenges but still need to take a day or so to fix all the “bugginess” and clean it up a bit. I’m really hoping to be able to post the game live to my website sometime tomorrow or Thursday. Super excited to unveil the final game!

Take a look:

Image for post
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check out new thruster bar and enemies upward laser shots!

Some things I worked on:

  • Added a sliding bar to represent power left in thrusters. It works by decreasing in relation to the gameplay time. When it gets too low player has to press x to refill or else it slows player’s speed.
  • Created new behavior for enemies that evade the player’s lasers anytime it is within a 3f range. Also created a bool that can be set to true in the spawn manager 1/3 of the time so that it can be applied to all enemy types.
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  • Updated laser script to include a feature that will shoot up at the player.
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Some other stuff I worked on:

  • Rearranged UI so that less of the gameboard was obstructed by components.

Final Touches to be made tomorrow :

  • Update UI some more.
  • When homing missile instantiates in game play right now it has trouble finding the enemy. I have a feeling that it might have something to do with it not looking for enemy instantiations.
  • Make some minor changes to lasers, esp. super laser.
  • Make some changes to boss behavior. Love how scary it is, but do want to make the transition into the last level smoother.
  • Need to make the game a little easier somehow. At this point I need about 1000 rounds of ammunition and 1000 lives to make it to the boss.
  • Probably more stuff than I can think of at the moment :-).

Some Challenges I faced:

  • Today was a good day. Got a decent amount done so no complaints.

Excited to try and polish this game up and have it live! Also excited to move onto a new cinematography course!

See ya tomorrow.

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