60 days to become a game developer. Day 27.

Hello! Today is Day 27 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

I fixed the issue I was having yesterday! Well…. for the most part :-).

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The color is back! But still getting the same error from time to time. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be affecting gameplay but will definitely see if I can ask a team lead for help to figure out what this is tomorrow.

So, earlier today in my Day 26 post I mentioned how it seemed like that wacky issue I was having where everything looked super dark might be a lighting issue … as it turns out it may have been related to the changes I made in GIT! One of the things I tried to do was remove a large file that was keeping me from being able to push to Github. I didn’t think it had anything in it that would prevent the game from being able to compile correctly but once I put the folder back in the game everything ran fine! Still not exactly sure what caused it but was certainly glad to have it fixed.

I did get stuck on another blocker though when I tried to record an animation in Timeline. The issue was that when I would hit the record button, it didn’t recognize that I was clicking on it.

Here’s how I tried to go about debugging this:

  • First thing I did was try to close out of Unity and reopen it because sometimes it really is that easy. This was not one of those times.
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  • After I did that the recorder button worked! The only problem now was that is was giving me this error:
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  • Luckily, fellow intern Ryan Yamura was there to save the day as he encountered a similar problem himself earlier. The current work around he found was to simply jump between the default layout and whatever other layout you might be using… weird right? I suppose something about reverting back to the default layout jogs all the right things back into place. For whatever reason, it worked! And was also a great reminder as to why it’s so important to reach out to teammates for help.

Challenges today :

  • Spent most of my time debugging today so didn’t make a whole lot of progress in the course.

Tomorrow I’ll be back into the course where I will finish up the sleeping guard cutscene and move onto the game over cutscene.

See you then!

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