60 days to become a game developer. Day 28.

Hello there. Here is a recap of yesterday, Day 28 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer!

Getting lots of practice using Cinemachine and Timeline!

Take a look at what I was working on:

  • Continued my work with Cinemachine and Timeline by starting to create a new game over cutscene! As mentioned in my last post, it is pretty neat how similar creating these cutscenes are to creating scenes in movies or shows. In this challenge we used the director’s notes to try and position the camera in a way that captures their intended vision.
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Director’s Notes

Here is a walk through of how I approached this challenge:

  • First thing that I needed to do after setting the Actors up in the scene was to create a new virtual camera for the shot.
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  • After renaming the camera, next I needed to align the view with the scene. The easiest way to do that is by using ctrl + shift + f. You can also manually move the camera by double clicking on it in the hierarchy and moving it around with the move tool.
  • Finally, to get the shot exactly how you want it, you can use a mix of your hand and move tools until it looks how you like. You can also place it close to where you want it then use the transform component in the inspector to adjust it. If you hover right over the x, y, or z, a small arrow should populate and by clicking down and moving it a little to the left or right, it will start to adjust the values up or down.
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This probably sounds really easy but it definitely takes some practice to get the shots exactly how you want it! LUCKILY, I will have lots of practice by the end of this course.


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  • Just when I thought I had the cinemachine object issue all squared away it came back! That’s what’s causing the scene to look so dark here. Guess it didn’t have to do with the Git stuff I did after all? Will be working on getting that squared away today.

Will continue working on cutscenes and hopefully get the Cinemachine issue squared away once. and. for. all.


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