60 days to become a game developer. Day 29.

Hi! Here is a recap of yesterday, Day 29 of my 60 day challenge to become a Unity Game Developer :)

Yesterday started off well. As mentioned in my last post, I continued working on my gameover cutscene. Later in the day I had to switch to another game and when I opened my cinematography project back up again I was met with this.

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That git issue I had from a couple days ago came back with a vengeance. This took me on a 3 hour ride with the same saint like team lead that helped me with the last git issue.

The unexpected token referenced above had to do with a couple of lines added from git letting me know that there were changes made that were not matching locally vs what was on my remote repository.

From there we had to take a look and see what all of the differences was. There were quite a few. Through this experience I learned that you can edit directly on github which is what we chose to do.

Here is how you do that:

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Choose the file in your repository that you need to adjust and click on it.
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Once you’re in the file, there is an edit button (highlighted in yellow)
Once your changes have been made, you can commit!

Even after using Github for about a year I didn’t realize that you could update files directly like this! Once everything was updated I was then able to check that all was well and pull from my remote back onto my local machine. I alternatively could’ve done it the opposite way where I updated the files locally and then pushed up to my remote but it was very cool to learn how to use Github in this new way.

Finally, I was able to open my project and have everything load!

This is what my project looks like now:

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As you might be able to see, the coloring and lighting is a bit off from where it needs to be. I am going to see if there is any way I can salvage this. If not, may need to try and reimport the assets. Wish me luck!


  • Git of course. Git has taken up quite a bit of my time the last few days but for me this is one of the more important things that I wanted to try and get a handle on during this internship. I’ve always struggled with git and recognize that it’s an important skill as most companies use git for team collaboration. Even though its frustrating and sets me back at times, I try to remember that it’s better to mess things up now while I’m working on these projects on my own rather than when I’m on a team building something expensive for a client.
  • Still did not figure out that cinemachine object error. Will try to work on that today.

Yesterday set me back a bit but I’m ready to jump back into this project and play a little catchup. Hopefully I can get all the “bugginess” figured out by my post later tonight.

Talk to you then.

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