I’ve got 74 days to become a Game Developer. Day 1.

OK. This is it. This is Day 1(ish) of a 74 day challenge to become a game developer. Not just any game developer either, the objective is for me to be a fully employable unity game developer by January 1, 2021. But I’m not doing it alone, I’ve got good help. This awesome opportunity is actually part of an internship that I have with GameDevHQ/ ACI. The ACI is a program set up here in Hawaii to help individuals whose lives have been affected by COVID-19 to skill and re-skill for jobs in varying industries including tech. But wait, before we forget, let me take a second to repeat this… Unity Developer IN 74 DAYS!

Current feels:

But seriously, I’m super nervous. Although I do have some full stack experience through a certification program I completed, I’ve always found game development to be intimidating. As nervous as I am, I’m ready to power through and take on this challenge.

Here’s the general timeline for this program:

Days 1–60: I will complete a rigorous online training program.

Days 61–74: I will be part of a team that will work to create and launch a new game!

Blogging the journey is also part of the internship. Honestly it is taking some serious will power to go against my introverted nature and write this blog. I’d be lying if I said that thinking about all the future blogs I’ll be writing doesn’t also give me anxiety. The truth is Blogging this experience will probably help me to grow as much as the other skills I’ll gain as part of this internship. To be pushed this far outside of my typical social comfort zone is a gift. Emotional discomfort almost always equates to growth. So, I will continue to do this blog no matter how much my hands shake or how many times I may need to rewrite it to “get it right”.

I’m seriously pumped to be a part of this challenge. I will be posting everyday and I cannot wait to reflect on all of my growth at the end of this journey. Also hope to bring whoever may need the insight along for the ride. Catch you Manyana.

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