74 days to become a Game Developer. Day 7.

Mar McRae
2 min readOct 27, 2020

Happy Monday! Today is Day 7 of my 74 day challenge to become a fully employable Unity Game Developer.

And…..take a look at this!


It’s turning into a real game!!! I was literally giddy at my computer playing with this. I’ve been really taking my time with the tutorials to make sure I fully understand the material so still got a way to go, probably a solid day or 2 but boy it has been good so far. With Unity I like how straightforward everything is. I also LOVE the Inspector. It really helps to make things easier. For example, today I used an array in Unity for the first time. I was surprised to learn that the inspector creates a drop down that allows you to change the size of your array as needed and that to reference an object you just drag and drop the object onto its designated index in the array and that is it! Like, what is this sorcery?

I’m obviously still a super noob but I can already see how this probably saves developers a lot of time and allows them to focus on what’s really important, creating an awesome game.

Here are a couple things I learned today:

  • How to use sprites. Sprites are the 2d graphic objects that allowed me to take my game from being a blue cube shooting out pills to a spaceship with lasers. Thank you sprites!
  • Created 2 power boosters. One for triple shot lasers and one for speed. I also created animations for the booster. It was interesting to learn that the animations are really just still shots that move quickly just like old time flipbooks.

Challenge I faced:

  • My Computer speed. Will be taking care of that soon though.

Tomorrow I will be creating a shield power up and working on the UI!! It’s getting close and it is very exciting indeed.

Have a good night.